Bali Project 2022

The Bali project is now a month ago and we would like to look back on this inspiring month of training.
In collaboration with Bali Wise (an NGO that gives women in need a chance through educational programs in hospitality) we organized all logistical aspects of the training.
Bali Wise has also taken care in selecting students with the right motivation drive, and this is one of the most important factors to keep the energy high during the training. Standing strong together and having the motivation to learn as much as possible during the training and to respond to that, We can say that we also learned so much from all of them. It really felt like we were growing together in the course of the training, everyone with their own story and background, but with a common goal to learn a new profession and to guarantee security for the future. All this makes a project successful and achieves the goal that we as Hairdressers Without Borders stand for.

The first two weeks were devoted to all the basics of cutting hair with the help of two great volunteers Ruben and Marieke. Together we were able to guide all students well in their first introduction to the phenomenon of hair cutting. We also saw the importance of working on a mannequin head in this initial phase, as this takes the tension and pressure away from performing. In peace and focus, the students plunge into new techniques and challenges every day. After a certain period of time we have seen that the performances are smooth and self-confidence appears. That felt also the right moment to delve deeper into customer relationships and look at face shapes and be able to give the appropriate advice to future clients. The first time cutting on real models was therefore equally exciting, but a good lesson to let all the skills flow together… and this all went successfully. We also paid extra attention to styling the hair during that period, in order to create a complete picture and to clearly see what the result of a certain haircut is. The hair styling classes which range from curling techniques to straight shiny hair were taught by our Balinese volunteer Wayan.

For week three it was time to dig into the culture of this beautiful island and to fully immerse ourselves in the Bali bridal and ceremonial hair do. This is a certain style that only the Balinese grow up with, there are certain hairstyles that are meant for different ceremonies and the highlight is the bridal hairstyle that exudes so much splendor. Step by step, our volunteer Wayan guided our students through the most important ceremonial hair styling, which comes with golden shiny accessories and flowers. Masterful work was created by our students and a great interest on the HWB side in this interesting culture.

To round out the month completely, we also delved into applying hair colors under the supervision of our volunteer Hayley. From roots colors to foil techniques were performed well. In the meantime, after a long intensive training together, we have been able to experience that all students carried a certain self esteem with them. During the training period some of the students started to schedule in appointments for haircut customers at home after the training. As a HWB team these are moments of so much pride. Giving a new profession that can be practiced in so many different ways. This is what we also saw a month later, some of the students are now working in a hair salon on the island and some have created a small salon at home or work as a mobile hairdresser. Providing a powerful profession such as hairdressing is a success formula for future-oriented plans. With the right education and complete hairdressing set in their hands, all students are now ready to be completely financially independent and follow their dreams.

A Big thanks to Authentic Beauty Concept for their support and help to make projects like this happen.
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