We have noticed in times of pandemic and lock downs that the hairdressing profession has become more and more appreciated and that there is always work in an industry that never stops. That is why the importance of education in these difficult times is so important and by sharing our craftsmanship we create opportunities for women in need.

Since traveling was not that easy for a long time, we started looking for other alternatives to complete our missions during this period. In addition, the idea arose to focus more on projects closer to home during this time. That means for Esther (the founder) in Bali – Indonesia as she has been living here for many years and she likes to give something back to the community by working together with the Yayasan ‘Bali Wise’.

In April 2022, together with a group of motivated volunteers, she rolled out a beautiful new project where all aspects of the hairdressing profession were taught.
A group of 9 women took part in the month-long intensive training. All with their own story and motivation to learn these new skills as well as possible. It was also clear to see that everyone started the day with such enthusiasm, absorbing all the new techniques with full concentration. During this project too, so much talent could be found among the students, and it can be proudly said that Bali has 9 extra talented hairdressers.

Everyone is now actively engaged in their new profession. Some now work in a hair salon or have created a salon at home.
The HWB team has given them wings and now it’s time for them to fly.


  • Hairdressing fundamental knowledge
  • Technical skills in stages
  • Social relationship and self personal development


  • Building awareness of client and expectations in the salon
  • Working together as a team


  • Empowering women
  • Closing the gap in the gender equality
  • Improving the quality of life of women


  • Prepares students for future employment
  • Building a structure to ensure to our students a safe long term income


Country: Indonesia
Location: Bali
Period: April 2022
Number of students: 9


Photographer: @jovo_jvnvc
Volunteers: @rubenbeeris

We are very grateful for the generosity of all our sponsors and Big Thanks to our main sponsor Authentic Beauty Concept to make this project happen.

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