Back in Lombok with our team of volunteers at the beautiful “Eco-house” of Environment Without Boundaries.
Hairdressers Without Borders team offered in total 4 weeks of training courses to reach an advanced level with our students. week one – basic, week two – intermediate, week three – advanced, while week four specialises in men’s haircuts. All our students receive a diploma after attending the complete training program. For most trainees this is the first formal educational certificate they have ever received in their life so it is a big milestone for them and paves the way for a new beginning.
As we keep the level of training high in order to equip students for paid professional employment in the real world. Training is not simply focused on technique, but also emphasises client relations, that is, paying attention to customer requests, and matching face shape with hairstyle type in order to make suggestions to clients who don’t know exactly what they want.

Hairdressers Without Borders’ program has empowered its Lombok graduates in different ways.
Nur, aged 30 and a mother of three children, started offering free haircuts to children from the local school as a way to promote herself. The giveaways were her way of advertising her new home business as a professional hairdresser in the village.
Sri, 25 and the mother of one son, started to work after graduating from the program at a spa in Senggigi. She became so popular with clients that they started to ask specifically for her.
Maria, 31, she is a natural who took to the hairdressing intuitively and found her life’s passion.
Suhar, 19 is planning after her high school to open her own salon “salon rambut tanpa batas” (Hair salon Without Borders).

As a teacher I’m so proud of all our students, every single student has its own qualities and own dreams, for some of them it’s to work full time in a hair salon, and others starting their own business at home. It doesn’t matter where or how, with the right training and energy of people we create passion.


Country: Indonesia
Location: Lombok
Period: October, November, December 2014
Time schedule: 7 days each training
Number of students: 10
Hairdressers involved: 3
Partner: Environment without boundaries

We are very grateful for the generosity of all our sponsors. Thank you!