I started to work in the beauty fashion environment when I was sixteen. My profession has always been my great passion but also an incredible gift in which I am really grateful for.

I had the luck and the curiosity to travel and visit many countries, meeting different people and listening to their amazing stories… sometimes some difficult realities are the real journey, but there to allow you to reflect deeply and show new perspectives to better understand myself.
Today with HWB programs I want to give back to people.
Through the sharing of my knowledge of hairdressing and my professional experiences I can offer support and maybe giving a chance by inspiring and stimulating the great potential that lives inside all of us, hairdressing is an amazing profession and it is a smart and direct tool to do that.

I am so grateful for all the support we received since we established the organization in 2012. Until now, together with extraordinary volunteers we met and trained more than 100 students of different ages and genders and so far… It looks like just the beginning.