Hello, I am Sandeep and I am proudly introducing myself as a part of HAIRDRESSERS WITHOUT BORDERS team.

It has been the second time I have been working as a volunteer together with HWB team in Nepal. So, I was sure this new program in Surkhet was going to be as fun and memorable as the previous training in Kathmandu. All though I was a little nervous before taking of to Surkhet as this was a completely new place for me to visit and curious of meeting all the new trainees. But within no time it felt very comfortable, they where all amazingly cheerful, charming and energetic women.

Despite being the survivors of the domestic violence, abuse, child marriage and poverty, the moment these women entered the training hall (which was very well managed) they felt nothing but pure joy. I could feel the positive energy everyday, with everyone.

I could see how Esther, Peter, Dorien and Bas were so focussed and working all around the learning process, the enjoyment and creating hoping for a better future. Each day was blissful for me, I could see the trainees growing friendship, their happy and joyful faces and they where so eager to learn new things everyday, this all lighted me up. We where not only cutting hair but we where also motivating and empowering them to give a clear view and hope within their own dreams and desires to work on a better future.

Away from the hardship, problems and sorrows of life, the trainees felt like home as a family in the training hall.
As the day passed by, their growing passion, concentration and perfection, meant a lot for them during this training and it was what they needed. The result of a greatly managed and scheduled program these women were cutting on real models hair in their first week with 100% of client satisfaction.

HWB team clearly knew how to make good use of this short period of time, to make them good in everything they learned. All of them didn’t wanted the training to stop after that two weeks. With tears in their eyes during the graduation, it said it all.

Personally in the beginning of my career I was lucky to get the opportunity to learn this beautiful trade. I have experienced a moment in my life when I had no hopes for my future in Kathmandu. That is why I can clearly understand what it means to find opportunities when you don’t see a brighter future for yourself.
I can say that it can help someone to given them a proper view and a powerful skill. Hairdressers without borders provided these women with professional skills to find opportunities in life, so that they can live a better future and earn a living for themselves and their family. This all which cannot be thanked in words.

I hope these women will continue with this amazing work everyday and I believe they will live their dreams as they are already shining. They have already made us so proud.

Beside the training I had a great time with the HWB team. The short walks to the training hall, the word of the day, the funny evening dinners, the personal stories and the hike of two hours (that is not on my to do list 🙂 ) are such a good memories. Also it inspired me to visit Kopila Valley School and learning how it’s growing by helping the under privileged children and women.

Punctuality, Dedicaton, Gratitude, Genourisity is what I have learned from the HWB team. I would personally like to thank HWB team for making me a part of this amazing program and all the direct and indirect person, organisation and sponsers that have been a part of the program and have help make it sucessful.

Thank you.