“Cycling for education” as a challenge

I stepped into a new world…. the world of cycling.
As a frequent cyclist with my 16 kilometers per day on the road to go to work, I was feeling a bit like a professional cyclist, mmmm….. But actually not!
Now we organize our tour “Cycling for Education” with 155km to ride, from Antwerp to Amsterdam and now I stand nowhere with my recreational bicycle tour every day.
But I see it positive, I can train every day to be able to start the tour with all the energy that I need on 31Th August 2013.
What motivates me is that I am not alone, I’ll be with people with the right feeling on the bicycle.
This event is a great opportunity to raise money for the upcoming programs for Hairdressers Without Borders, with warm hearts and our professional knowledge in hairdressing, we motivate youngsters for whom it is not obvious to go to school or learn a profession.
Education is the goal, give help, inspiration and leave a hope for the future to the new generation; and for all this people I’ve challenged myself in this cycling adventure.

You too?

For any further information check Cycling for education, fill the application form online and start your adventure with us, you can fundraise enough money through friends and family or you can organize your own fundraising but….. please don’t forget to train your legs 😉

Good luck!!!