Pray for Lombok

The Indonesian island of Lombok has been shaken by a third big earthquake in little more than a week.
Rescuers are finding some remote areas hard to reach because bridges and roads have been destroyed by the earthquake.

We received news from Els Houttave (founder of Environment Without Boundaries) about the condition of the people in the village ‘Orong’, the small local village where Hairdressers Without Borders had a hairdressing training in 2014.
“The situation on Lombok is dramatic. The people in our village sleep outside in the middle of an open flat field. Tents are no longer there and at night it is cold. The PLN water and the groundwater is dirty.
The highly populated parts already receive a lot of help, but the smaller villages like ‘Orong’ still have nothing. Some places are completely blocked and have to wait for heavy machinery.”

Els donated already water filters and blankets and will travel to Lombok soon, to work on the reconstruction in an educational sense. She hopes to raise enough money to build 2 earthquake-proof example houses: 1 in Bamboo and 1 in wood, because this type of houses will be the safest way of living.

If you want to help, please donate directly to Environment Without Boundaries (Grenzeloos Milieu):
or tax deductible via LZG: BE48523080272427
With the message ’emergency aid Lombok’.