It is almost difficult to put in words what I have experienced in Nepal during the HWB vocational training period. It showed the main reason why I have started in 2012 with this beautiful organization. The purpose of sharing my technical knowledge and connection with people in need came all together as one life changing experience. This experience is not only related to me but this program has changed the lives of twenty Nepalese students the most. They all started the training without any hairdressing experience, but they opened their hearts and showed the willpower of taking this opportunity to bright up their future. We have seen from day one their commitment of achieving a good result, making huge steps forward to become a good skilled hairdresser. With a lot of self criticism to improve their new learned technical skills.

It has been so beautiful to notice that we all spoke the same language, we all moved to grow and we all shared the same passion. This is what I call magic. Sharing the profession of hairdressing brings people together even though we’re coming from different backgrounds. It empowers, it creatively inspirers and motivate women to thrived changes. With our main goal to let our students be financially independent and uplift their communities by bringing positive development to Nepal.

I am proud to share with you my biggest dream… Hairdressers Without Borders is developing a structure to build a hair salon/academy in Surkhet in 2019. Creating a space where we can focus on more vocational trainings and give the opportunity to insure to all our students a life time of income trough future employment.

Love, Esther