Life is about trying… We can not always wait for the perfect time – sometimes we must dare to jump.

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Every child dreams of what he want to be when he grows up, from firefighter to astronaut.

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Summer tips

Summer! Beautiful weather, but summertime as wonderful as it is, can also come with a few challenges when it comes to your hair. Your refreshing dip in the community swimming pool could be doing major damage to your hair. The primary enemy? Chlorine, a gaseous greenish-yellow element used for its

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Incredible Indian barbers

By traveling in India and seeing barbers giving customers a quick haircut and a shave on every corner of the street is impressive to see. Some of them set up with a mirror and a plastic chair, others just with a piece of plastic wrapped around the client sitting in a lotus

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Make it happen

Volunteering for Hairdressers without borders is not just because you love your profession, it is about so much more. It drags your profession up to a complete new level, a level of understanding what a beautiful gift we have in our hands. Something that you maybe never considered, because hairdressing

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Before to change the world, change yourself.

I’d like to open this argument to underline the importance of natural and organic products in the market, famous to be a bit more expensive respect of the middle cost, but still an affordable opportunity for everyone and not just for a privileged target. To find the origin of the

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New location for Smokey Mountain

More than 150 families from the “Smokey Mountain” have been relocated this month to Bulacan, a location about 90 minutes drive from Manila city and more families in the next future will do the same. After years of living in a devastating condition in the garbage dump, the government provided

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