When the world suddenly turned upside down at the beginning of 2020, we could not have imagined that this would hold us all in its grip for so long.

A project was planned for Hairdressers Without Borders in Nepal to prepare 20 women to open their own salon in partnership with the local organization Blink Now in 2020. But Nepal has had a hard time during the pandemic, and we have to be patient to return to Surkhet. In order to still be able to do something, we have created a look and learn video content together with our sponsor Authentic Beauty Concept to keep the education and inspiration high for all these women in Nepal.
Our talented volunteers Sandeep and Savitri from Kathmandu traveled to Surkhet to guide all students through this training.

A haircut training was handed out by Esther, a make up training by Juliette Den Ouden and a hair styling training by Hester Wernert all by following videos on a big screen in the training location. In addition, Sandeep was able to train a bridal haircut on the spot. All this on the mannequin heads from Pivot Point, her styling tools from Carmen and her products from Authentic Beauty Concept.

A successful two days!


Country: Nepal
Location: Surkhet
Period: 2021
Number of students: 20


Big thanks to our sponsor Authentic Beauty Concept to help us organizing this event in Nepal.

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