Due to the world wide pandemic Hairdressers Without Borders together with Blink Now in Nepal have decided for the safety of everyone to postpone the project for a year.

Since 2018 Hairdressers Without Borders has been working closely with Blink Now in Nepal to provide students with professional training in hairdressing and make-up. After our first visit in Surkhet, we saw a great interest among all participants and the idea for Blink Now women’s center to start a beauty salon training came up.
Blink Now Women’s Center is about to run their third series of beauty training programs this spring.

For the upcoming year Hairdressers Without Borders will provide three weeks of advanced training for 15-20 selected women who will become the salon managers of the new salons in Surkhet. These weeks will be filled with advanced salon skills, salon management and customer service, inventory management, knowledge of hair products, bridal hair and makeup.

In addition to vocational training, the Women’s Center offers all our students critical personal and professional education. Through a comprehensive empowerment course that builds self-confidence and self-defense skills, learns about health and well-being, educated about women’s rights and Nepalese law, and practices basic math, writing and business skills. In addition, every student has round-the-clock access to counseling services, which provide mediation, legal support, and general stress and trauma care and management.

Together we are working on a secure future to all our students.