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A wonderful success for our first program with HWB Team in Siem Ream at Green Gecko Project, a community with more than 70 street children. We spent two full weeks doing haircuts and training courses. A beautiful atmosphere full of joy and smiles.
This first experience of training in Cambodia was a success. The participation from all the kids was amazing. This event created curiosity and pleasure to everyone. We really understood how it is fundamental to maintain an open approach with all the kids, listen to them and make them move for all the time with curiosity and interest. We wanted to give them a chance to discover the magic world behind the profession of hairdressing, with a powerful and deep respect for their culture. A new opportunity to let them grow, think and share ideas with some technical advice to be able to use the tools easily and safely and so on. We are happy to know that one girl named “Srey Lai” already found a job after training as a professional hairdresser in a hair salon in Siem Reap.

Thanks to all the sponsors that participated on the program with donations of hair products and more -“Paul Mitchell ” from USA, “De Client” and “Clientology” from Belgium.

Information – Green Gecko
The Green Gecko Project was founded in 2005 by an Australian woman Tania Palmer, who lost her heart for the street children of Cambodia. Thousands of children live on the streets, alone and aimless. Victims of parents who are no longer able to function normally by the atrocities, or because they are deceased. Tania Palmer founded the Green Gecko Project to help street children and to bring forward. She started small but has grown into a project where they can give 70 shelters for the children, education, care and study; in addition, they also maintain 32 families with rent, medical expenses and food, together with other projects in Cambodia.


Country: Cambodia
Location: Siem Reap
Period: March 2012
Time schedule: 2 weeks
Number of kids: 100
Hairdressers involved: 3
Partner: Green Gecko project

We are very grateful for the generosity of all our sponsors. Thank you!