We are so exited to share with you our biggest dream… HWB is developing a structure to build a hair/ beauty salon/ academy in Surkhet – Nepal. It is time to move forward and give the opportunity to our 20 Nepalese students that are full of energy to grow within their new profession. We have seen with our own eyes the difference in all of them and we believe strongly that with this step we will make a sustainable difference.

That’s why we want to set up a strong build network that empowers,  creatively inspirers and motivate women to thrive changes. To let them be financial independent and uplift their communities by bringing positive development to Nepal.

We are making a social impact by offering vocational trainings in the widely fields of hairdressing, beauty and make up. There is also an importance of teaching  business and women empowering trainings to build a better quality of lives and changing the gap within the gender equality… but also don’t forget they will be the best educated hairdressers and beauticians in the region.

Surkhet is the new capital of the Karnali province that is located 600 kilometers west of the national capital Kathmandu. We can see that this district is developing quickly and this is why we see an opportunity of starting this business development here. We are at the stage of looking for the best location in town to start the first HWB salon/ academy together with Blink Now. We are ready to take this big dream into our hands and raise funds, to insure all our students and future new students for a life time of income trough future employment.


We definitely need your support for this so let bring our hands together to create hope for a brighter future for a lot of women and families in Surkhet.
Your donation is very well appreciated and is a vital part of our funding to make this all happen.

You can Donate on this page or on the HWB bank account:
ING Bank
Iban: NL33 INGB 0007 8882 42


Country: Nepal
Location: Surkhet
Period: 2019
Number of students: 20


Thank you for supporting Hairdressers Without Borders, where even a small donation makes a big difference.